I am a Part II qualified architectural assistant, designer, artist and performer based in London. Born and raised in the United Kingdom to Neapolitan parents, I have nurtured a rich and diverse cultural background drawing from both British and Italian influences. I obtained my Bachelors with First Class Honours and Diploma in Architecture from the Glasgow School of Art.


I strive to identify what constitutes the notion of Contemporaneity. Architecture, art, design, fashion and music all play a key role in my work. I strive to create pieces that on the one hand relate directly to a place and its history, traditions and customs, at times instilling a very real sense of nostalgia whilst at others offering a surreal yet playful interpretation of today's modern, cultural phenomena.


I have collaborated with musicians, architects and other creatives across the field, and have lived and worked in Paris, London, Glasgow, Basel and Mendrisio.

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